I Love You for Your Pink Cadillac Tattoo

I Love You for Your Pink Cadillac Tattoo

Just like Clint Eastwood, Kid Rock, and Macklemore, these tattoo collectors know the value of a Cadillac.

HAIL, CORPORATE is our weekly series where we revel in the rampant consumerism of our age by showcasing tattoos inspired by the trademarked logos of fortune 500 companies. Check out these Taco Bell lovin' maniacs, and these folks who can't survive without their Dunkin.

Though he died in a Lexus, Big Mello once famously said, “Macs drive ‘lacs.” The cars he's referring to — Cadillacs — are an archetype of American prosperity, a marker of class and upwards mobility. They’ve appeared in 20th century literature, award-winning cinema, and most prominently, in hit music by artists such as Three 6 Mafia and Big Krit. Even wannabe macs — like Macklemore — are writing raps about how much they enjoy cruising in these bad boys. As shown by all of these pieces of body art featuring the company’s logo, these luxury automobiles are equally coveted in the tattoo world.

Ever since the advent of the El Dorado, these ghetto sleds have sped to their way to the forefront of American pop culture. They are valued for being affordable, well-built vehicles. The source of their popularity is difficult to pin down, but it could link back to when Clint Eastwood drove around in convertible with an orangutan or Bruce Springsteen’s unforgettable earworm “Pink Cadillac.” Regardless of how these cars originally garnered their reputation, much like the tattoos seen here, they are now emblems of making it from the bottom to the top of this great nation. 

Even one of Kid Rock’s favorite rides is his 1930s black V16 Cadillac, which just goes to show that ‘lacs — with their high horsepower engines, fine leather interiors, and ice-cream paint jobs — are some of the most exceptional machines ever engineered, rivaling their extravagantly priced counterparts like Lambos and Bugattis. Just like a polished hood ornament on a pimped out Caddy, nothing says classy like the company's symbol on your groin or lower back.

If you want to show that your the human equivalent of a dope set of wheels, then go out and get a metallic tattoo of the Cadillac insignia and share it with us at #macwithalac. It’s the type of body art that tells the world around you’ve got refined tastes no matter how red your neck is, especially if it’s on your neck.

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