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I Said A Hip Hop Hippy To The Hip Hip Hop Frog Tattoos

I Said A Hip Hop Hippy To The Hip Hip Hop Frog Tattoos

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We're sure the Sugarhill Gang would agree...these are the most hippy hop hop frog tattoos.

We hippity hip hop hope that you dug our Sugarhill Gang reference...although we're aware they probably weren't referring to the habitual habits of frogs. However, there are tons of songs that are actually about the funny lil creatures...from Raffi to Frank Zappa, we're here not only to make ridiculous puns about frogs, but also to show you the best frog tattoos around. We even included Ami James' incredible Blink featuring a fab frog tattoo. We also apologize if some of these frogs actually turn out to be toads...we realize that they're different animals, and perhaps the band Toad the Wet Sprocket could explain more to us...but let's just carry on to the ink, yeah?

Frog tattoos are, perhaps, one of the most popular pieces out there, especially in the tradition of Japanese tattooing. Traditional tattooing certainly has its fair share of froggy pieces too...which makes sense since there are around 5,000 species of frogs, and plenty more ways to illustrate them. We particularly like the ones who are doing things like playing banjo, or lounging about with a pipe in their mouth a la Beatrix Potter's Mr. Jeremy Fisher. Anthropomorphic animals just totally win us over every single time.

Of course, considering the way that frogs procreate, you probably won't be surprised to learn that frogs are a symbol for fertility and rebirth in most cultures. They can also allude to transition within your lifetime, especially, some people say, if you often find yourself dreaming about them. Because frogs cannot endure highly toxic environments, they also symbolize health and wealth within interpersonal relationships and beyond. They're also just cute...which may be the reason why people love them so much and get so many frog tattoos...With Japanese pieces, in particular, the illustration itself will tell what the frog means...from protection to purity, and more, Irezumi is always about the details.

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