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I Want Love or Death, That's It: Leon the Professional Tattoos

I Want Love or Death, That's It: Leon the Professional Tattoos

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Although Luc Besson's film premiered over two decades ago, these Leon The Professional Tattoos show how deeply the film resonated with us.

In 1994, one of the best movies of all time dropped on the world, and these Leon the Professional tattoos just prove how deeply the film resonated with its audience then, and continues to do so now. Luc Besson, also known for The Fifth Element, Lucy, and Valerian, actually thought of the idea for Leon during the filming of another great hit: La Femme Nikita. Nikita is a drug addict turned government assassin who works with a guy named Viktor the Cleaner, also played by Jean Reno. Besson was so interested in exploring Viktor's character that it inspired an entirely new film: Leon the Professional.

So, if you have seen the flick, you've probably noticed that there is a lot of underlying sexual tension behind the relationship of Leon and Mathilda, the girl he takes in after her family is murdered. Apparently when Natalie Portman read the script she immediately fell head over heels for it, but her parents fought with her tooth and nail. Thankfully Portman won out over her parents otherwise we may not have the movie, or any Leon the Professional tattoos either...the right actors playing the right characters is insanely important to the success of a film.

Although you may want a sequel to this iconic movie (personally we feel that would be awful) apparently Luc Besson is asked about it often, but he's said multiple times: it won't happen. In fact, whats even cooler is that he said he's not in it for the money...he really just doesn't feel that it would be right. How cool is that? A director with some sort of passion and respect for his craft. Pretty cool. If we ever get a chance we'll ask him how he feels about these sick Leon the Professional tattoos, but until then we hope you're just as inspired as us.

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