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If You Depict A Bird, Give It Room To Fly: Bird Tattoos

If You Depict A Bird, Give It Room To Fly: Bird Tattoos

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These Bird Tattoos stand for freedom, the beauty of nature, and the devotion to really good tattoos.

There are almost as many bird tattoos as there are birds in the sky. This iconic tattoo design element is timeless, probably due in part to the embrace of freedom that birds can symbolize! The meanings behind bird tattoos can be vast, but many people feel that they embody independence, wanderlust, travel, free rein of life, the beauty of nature. For this particular collection of bird tattoos we brought together some pieces that took a different turn than many other pieces out there. Under the right artistic hand, any tattoo can come to life in a way that resonates around the world!

Henry Hablak masterfully merges folk traditional with a mystic medieval touch to create a powerful portrait of a falcon in an ancient landscape. Jeff Sypherd blends his own traditional style with that of Picasso to design a compelling piece. Olga Handpoke's sweet and colorful Toucan tattoo immediately gives an air of lush, tropical atmospheres in vivid tones. All of the artists in this collection of bird tattoos uses their aesthetic and this quintessential motif to create awesome and inspiring pieces for their clients. We try, too, to collect artists from around the no matter where you are you can travel or visit these highly skilled craftsmen. 

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