If You’re Gonna Spew, Spew Along With These Rad Vomiting Tattoos

If You’re Gonna Spew, Spew Along With These Rad Vomiting Tattoos

Today on Tattoodo we’re diving deep into a big pile of puke tattoos

Our biological processes are fucking awesome. When shit hits the fan, our bodies have our backs. For instance, when something goes into your stomach that shouldn’t be in your stomach, more often than not your body just pukes it up for you. Yessir, sometimes nothing makes you feel better than a nice old round of vomiting. In honor of this totally radical process, we’re taking a look at some puking tattoos.

My favorite regurgitation that occurred in my personal life dates back to my freshman year of college. Nineteen year old Servo didn’t have the best grasp on how to drink alcohol yet, and one night at a friends I downed an entire bottle of butterscotch schnapps that no one else wanted and had been sitting on a shelf for God knows how long. I remember the booze tasted like candy and thinking that drinking was awesome. Cut to 3 AM the next morning when I casually roll over in bed and vomit a whole bottle of schnapps worth of puke onto my then-girlfriend. Fifteen years after we broke up, I still see her around sometimes and despite having married the guy she eventually left me for and having two kids and a career, she still finds the time to hate me.

Vomiting is inherently funny. We defy you to not laugh at a decent animated GIF of someone losing their lunch. Even a well-told story about puking can be hilarious. Just take this classic clip from The Goonies for example.

We here at Tattoodo celebrate barf in all of its forms. Whether it be pure liquid or a mass of undigested hot dog chunks like Janelle Shields left all over the middle aisle of the school bus one unforgettable day on the way home from junior high, we back all vomit hard. Well, maybe not the vomit of those afflicted with bulimia. That’s sad puke. We’re all about happy puke.

So let us now look at some tattoos that celebrate this wonderful process. We’ve got all manner of puking tattoos for your enjoyment and we honestly don’t care if they make you lose your lunch.

These vomiting tattoos are awesome. While you’ve got throwing up on your mind, why not take a moment out of your day to take a listen to the best song about spewing ever written.

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