Iker Muniain Celebrated Bilbao's Super Cup Win With Some Ink!!

Athletic Bilbao striker Iker Muniain celebrated his teams historic victory over Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup with a tattoo!!
The 2015 Spanish Super Cup proved to be an historic event in Spanish football. Making their 26th appearance in the competition Barcelona were looking to claim a 16th title, Bilbao on the other hand had only registered 5 appearances and 2 victories!
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After the excellence of Barcelona last season Bilbao weren't really given a chance, and few if any could have predicted the outcome. Spread over two games the Super Cup was dominated by an impressive Bilbao, winning 4-0 in the first match and claiming a solid 1-1 draw away at Barcelona in the second!
Sadly for Bilbao star Iker Muniain injury kept him from playing in the game but that didn't mean the 22 year-old couldn't celebrate the victory with a new tattoo!! Muniain aside from being a star player for Bilbao is also a life long fan and since making his debut six years ago at 16 years, 7 months and 11 days old (becoming Bilbao's youngest ever player!!!) Muniain has worn his teams colors with pride! Muniain's new ink is not only a footballers new tattoo but a fan tattoo, one celebrating the end of Bilbao's 31 year wait to bring the Super Cup back to the club!!
Now the big question is whether Bilbao can make more history this season and claim some more silverware, and whether Muniain will get it tattooed on him! You see Muniain and tattooing football silverware is nothing new, back in 2012 the player made this promise "If we win I will get tattoo the Europa League cup [on my body]"... of course Bilbao didn't win and Muniain never got his tattoo; but maybe this season will be different!!
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