Illusionary Girl Tattoos by Bart Bingham

Illusionary Girl Tattoos by Bart Bingham

The ladies of Bart Bingham are not what they seem to be!

A unique take on the classic tattoo pin up, these girl tattoos by Bingham are awesome. 

New York tattoo artist Bart Bingham is widely regarded tattoo artist and his work speaks for itself. A classic style designs of Bingham rarely disappoint and his creative girl tattoos stand as some of the best. Inspired by the 'Tableau Vivant' (living picture) art form, where a single or group of actors are positioned to look like something else, the ladies of Bingham are just awesome. 

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Often taking the form of a head or skull these gorgeous girl tattoos by Bingham are somewhat trippy and may take a minute to figure out, but once you have you'll be able to appreciate just how cool they are. 

All photos from Bingham's Instagram

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