Illustrative Black Tattoo Work by Gabor Zolyomi

Illustrative Black Tattoo Work by Gabor Zolyomi

Modern illustrative style tattooing is gaining huge popularity these days and Gabor Zolyomi's work is an awesome example!

Tattooing has evolved through the years and modern looking illustrative tattoos have gotten more amazing and complex, making collectors want more of this kind of style. Gabor Zolyomi's tattoo work is a testament to how this style has evolved and shifted from the bold lined black tattoos to fine line illustrative tattoo work.

Gabor Zolyomi is an amazing tattoo artist who works at Fatum Tattoo, in Budapest. Zolyomi's style is his own take on the illustrative fine line tattooing and pushes it to new limits. 

The illustrative tattoo style has become really popular in recent years. The graphic design look has juxtaposed with the tattoo world and has produced a lot of awesome tattoos along the way. Gabor Zolyomi's work is some of the most amazing stuff out there and it is a real treat to share with you, tattoo lovers, these rad tattoos.

Consisting mostly of organic subject matter, these fine lined tattoos appeal to younger collectors since most of the old timers prefer the old school style of tattooing. But that doesn't mean these designs don't make great tattoos, they simply appeal to a different type of clientele. Fine lines and solid blacks make Gabor Zolyomi's work solid and stay strong under the skin. The execution of each tattoo is clean and solid, while the subject matter and compositions are cleverly done.

Images from Instagram, cover image via Budapest 101.

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