Illustrative Blackwork Tattoos by Harry Plane

Illustrative Blackwork Tattoos by Harry Plane

The tattoo apprentice from South Australia has already found his niche in the tattoo industry.

Wolf & Wren Tattoo Collective in Adelaide, South Australia is where you'll find Harry Plane completing his tattooing apprenticeship. While his tattoos straddle the realms of blackwork and linework, the one connecting theme is Plane's illustrative flair.

Plane's tattoo work includes minimalist linework pieces, to ones with impressive detail, and even some tattoos inspired by the likes of Escher and Picasso. He shies away from thick black lines and focuses on the minute details, with different line weights and lengths, adding depth and texture to his work. This produces a softer, more expressive result in comparison to other blackwork artists. 

As the popularity and demand for linework tattoos increases, Harry Plane is sure to be one to look out for.

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All images via Instagram.

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