Illustrative Dotwork and Blackwork Tattoos by Gabriela Arzabe

Illustrative Dotwork and Blackwork Tattoos by Gabriela Arzabe

Marvel at the sublime works of Gabriela Arzabe, a graphic designer and tattoo artist specializing in dotwork and blackwork.

Gabriela Arzabe is one tattoo artist to watch –  with her infallible linework, sophisticated geometric elements, and dulcet blend of blackwork and pointillism.

Gabriela Arzabe Lehmkuh or Gabriela Arzabe is a graphic designer and tattoo artist based in the capital of Brazil. She studied Industrial Design in university and finished a Bachelor's degree. A true fine worker, Gabriela carefully crafts her tattoos with lucid lines, meticulous stippled details, and majestic subject matters. It's only a matter of time before Gabriela joins the league of prominent blackwork tattooers in the scene. 

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Apart from her incredible focus on details, the Brazilian artist is also fond of incorporating minimalist geometric figures in her works. Not only do they enhance the overall execution of a tattoo but they also bring in a sense of symmetry in what would have been a solely illustrative piece.

All in all, Gabriela's tattoos are greatly well-put together in terms of placement, details, and linework. They're the work of a person who knows what they're doing and is unafraid to exceed expectations without going over the top.

All images via Instagram.

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