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Illustrative, Tiny Scenes in Tiny Circles by Eva Galipdede

Illustrative, Tiny Scenes in Tiny Circles by Eva Galipdede

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Tiny tattoos that will take you on epic journeys.

Remember that scene in Mary Poppins where Bert draws a bunch of gorgeous sidewalk chalk scenes on the ground, scenes that are so beautiful and different from dreary London that the crew holds hands and Mary grudgingly obliges them a hop, skip, jump into the scenes themselves? No, that's just me? Well, Eva Galipdede is her own special Turkish Mary Poppins, and you're gonna wanna hop right into these tender tiny tattoo scenes. 

Galipdede works out of Daft Art Tattoo & Design Store in Istanbul, Turkey, so those of you stateside are gonna have to save up for a plane ticket. The content of her work is quite broad, but the through-line remains the same: her color work looks like she took a tiny set of oil pastels to her client's skin. 

This sort of colorization is a hard thing to achieve via tattoo ink. With actual oil pastels, you can layer and smudge and smoosh your colors together, like how Galipdede lays that reflective white on top of her various bodies of water. Tattoo ink isn't as forgiving, if you get our drift. You can blend your colors, to some degree, but not with the fervor and layering of static media. An artist isn't locked in to this, but the best way to pack color in is to work from dark to light — if Galipdede laid all her yellows in first, for example, they'd get muddy. 

Galipdede does more than tiny, and does more than tiny scenes! Swing by her Instagram to enjoy her multi-layered, multi-faceted work. 

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