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Illustrative Wildlife Linework Tattoos by Pablo Puentes

Illustrative Wildlife Linework Tattoos by Pablo Puentes

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

This tattooist knows how to create a truly unique animal tattoo.

Based in Alberta, Canada, Pablo Puentes is tattooer and owner of Mission Tattoo Parlour.

These crazy linework tattoos are interesting and unique. It's not very often you see a tattoo with no shading or color, and often linework-only tattoos are small and simple. But not these ones!

Pablo uses different sized lines and shapes to create large detailed imagery often around the themes of wildlife and nature. A small splash, often light watercolor is used to give depth and background to the tattoo. This tattooist's work is completely original and shows talent and skill - I can't wait to see what's next from him!

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Linework deer tattoo by Pablo Puentes #PabloPuentes #linework #blackwork #abstract #deer

Cute Black Linework Tattoos by Hugo Tattooer

Linework horse tattoo by Pablo Puentes #PabloPuentes #linework #blackwork #abstract #horse

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Written byRebecca

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