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Illustrious Illustrations: Linework Tattoos

Illustrious Illustrations: Linework Tattoos

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These linework tattoos show how a million tiny little lines can make a masterpiece that lasts a lifetime.

Linework tattoos are some of our favorite pieces...anything illustrative takes our imagination by storm. It's partly that it literally looks like there is a drawing on the skin that lasts forever, and it's partly the beauty of letting the skin see through the ink, or using the skin as a negative space to help support the design. Linework tattoos also take a lot of talent: ask any artist about the most difficult tasks while an apprentice, and some will definitely remark on how pulling a straight line was super hard to do, and still is! If you find an artist who can do this style justice, stick with them. It's an art form all its own.

Many linework tattoos are reminiscent of ancient illustrations, medieval engravings, or vintage line drawings. It's incredible what an artist can create with a million little lines, and considering there are so many different techniques to create a linework tattoo, the possibilities are endless. Cross-hatching, stippling, tiny dashes, tiny parallel lines, and even scribbles, tight concentric circles, can create an image that totally resonates with any viewer and emotes a deep well of emotions. Whether you like highly detailed Renaissance etching style, or even the more simplistic Ignorant style, linework is what it is all based on.

We hope this collection of linework tattoos inspires you and gives you the itch for more ink. Always remember that Tattoodo is here to help you find your next perfect piece and the artist and shop to match, no matter your location. If you haven't already checked out our app, go for it! You can download it, find new artists, new tattoos, and even create a collection that will inspire your next piece. You can also always hit us up directly...share your own favorite artists, or your brand new linework tattoo!

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