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I'm a Firestarter: Flamin' Hot Fire Tattoos

I'm a Firestarter: Flamin' Hot Fire Tattoos

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These fire tattoos are bringing the heat of inspiration! If you don't feel the burning desire for new ink yet, just wait.

Since the dawn of time humans have been obsessed with fire. Don't you think these fire tattoos prove it? Beautiful to look at, almost hypnotizing really, fire can either be the entire design concept, or a perfect detail within a larger piece. We brought this selection to you in hopes of sparking your need for new tattoos...after all it is a brand new year! Let's start it off right by treating yourself to one of the best things ever: brand new ink. If these fire tattoos don't give ya that burnin' desire to run to a shop, we're sure our incredible archive will do the trick.

Fire is one of the four elements along with Earth, Wind, and Water. We're pretty sure that few of these people were really thinking about all the legends and folklore that surround their fire tattoo...but it's still probably one of the most powerful symbols in the world! Fire can help or hurt, which is part of our fascination with it...perhaps the best icon that illustrates this is the magical being Phoenix. In folkloric tales, the Phoenix will, at the end of its life, burst into flames...only to be born from the scattered ashes of its own body. How beautiful and inspiring is that?

While we're sure that some of these pieces were just for fun, take Alex Zampirri's campfire tattoo for example. Have you ever been out in the wild, with some friends and a few tents? Out in the forest you're able to actually see the stars, smell the clear nature around you, and toast marshmallows over a fire. It really is a magical moment that is worth being immortalized on your skin forever. So no matter what your fire tattoo means, whether it's a detail or the whole idea, we have to admit we couldn't love it more.

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