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Impeccable Watercolor Tattoos by Koray Karagözler

Impeccable Watercolor Tattoos by Koray Karagözler

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You'll be amazed by these beautiful and whimsical watercolor tattoos.

Koray Karagözler's watercolor tattoos are some of the best in the world. Within this style, he is capable of rendering a number of motifs, including excellent floral work, incredible illustrative pieces, and even miniature landscapes that contrast silhouettes against vibrant coloration to create beautiful scenes. Here is a small sample of his radiant work.

Karagözler is an expert at rendering flora in the watercolor style. His flowers, such as baby's breath, lotuses, and long-stemmed roses, are absolutely gorgeous. You can almost smell their sweet scent through their vivid color schemes. 

The more illustrative work that Karagözler does is also fantastic. He imbues figures, like the carousel horse and doe above, with such rich color palettes in the soft watercolor style that they seem otherworldly, almost like they incapsulate entire nebulas. They look utterly magical.

Karagözler's best tattoos are arguably his miniature geometric watercolor landscapes that frequently feature silhouettes of animals such as eagles, cats, and more, as well as other objects such as trees and even UFOs. It's wonderful how he captures these scenes of nature (and the supernatural) in such simple yet exquisite linework and then makes them burst with vibrant, cloudy coloration. In short, they are incredibly inviting to the eye.

An exquisite garter tattoo featuring a silhouette of a cat on a walk with a vibrant watercolor background by Koray Karagözler (IG— koray_karagozler). #cat #garter #KorayKaragözler #landscape #silhouette #watercolor

We hope you found these watercolor tattoos by Karagözler as breathtaking as we did. If you want to see more of his astounding tattoos, check out his Instagram. Also, he tattoos in Antalya, Turkey, so if you want one of his miniature landscapes or a lovely bouquet of flowers, reach out to him at

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