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Impressive Black and Grey Tattoos by Joe Metrix

Impressive Black and Grey Tattoos by Joe Metrix

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

From miniature finger tattoos to full back pieces - no matter how big or small the piece, Joe Metrix's are sure to impress.

Joe Metrix tattoos out of Victims of Ink in South Yarra, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. His black and grey pieces are a mixture of understated and elegant, with some more abstract and political pieces sure to be thought-provoking upon viewing. 

Metrix's minimalist portrait of Elvis Presley is definitely unusual, but intriguing nonetheless. It's certainly a new take on portrait tattoos which could be favored by people who don't want a floating head tattooed on them. If you like black and grey tattoos, but don't love them enough for a full back piece, his smaller, and sometimes miniature pieces, may you suit you the best. 

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