Impressive Blackwork Tattoos by Bambi Bambs

Impressive Blackwork Tattoos by Bambi Bambs

You'll be knocked out by the talent of this Slovakian artist!

I always love discovering artists with such small social media followings. They're like stars in the making, and now I get to share them with all of you. Bambi Bambs is a tattoo artist from Poprad in Slovakia. On her instagram you'll find color tattoos, but I have fallen in love with her blackwork pieces. 

The mix of bold and dark blackwork pieces, the soft greys in the dotwork tattoos, and the gentle linework art shows Bambi's versatility and ability to suit each individual tattoo and her client's requests. Each of Bambi's tattoos has a clear tone and feel to it, prompting an emotional response out of the viewer. 

Someone of Bambi's talent deserves far more than 900 social media followers. Give Bambi Bambs a follow on Instagram and say that Tattoodo sent you! 

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