Impressive Large Scale Works by Maxim Zhuravlev

Impressive Large Scale Works by Maxim Zhuravlev

Few tattooists illustrate the intersection of ornamental and illustrative work the way that Maxim Zhuravlev does.

Maxim Zhuravlev is a fascinating tattoo artist. His work bridges a wide and intriguing range of styles in the industry. He is able to execute the most traditional of styles, but he has built on this skill set by hybridizing it with more illustrative approaches to the art form, creating excellent pieces of hybridized body art along the way. Check out this sample of his work that shows just how far he's taken his conceptual style.

Zhuravlev's delivery is beyond perfect when it comes to more traditional motifs such as the classic mandala. His tattoos are quite exquisite in their complexity as well as scale.

Though his work with traditional motifs is world-class, it's Zhurvalev's more envelope-pushing work that is most spectacular. There is such a wide range of techniques employed across these examples that it's hard to account for. We see heavy blackwork, black and grey shading, stippling, etc. in each of these (well, what should we call them?) illustrative ornamental tattoos. What's more impressive is the spectrum of softness and hardness that they exist within. The bear and lion are decidedly dense and darker while some of the others, such as the owl, are much more delicate in their approach. Beyond all of that, it is notable how he even incorporates optical illusions into these already impressive pieces of body art.

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We hope you found these tattoos as interesting as we did. If you want to see more of Zhuravlev's genre-bending work, hit up his Instagram. He lives in Russia but also tours with several pro tattooist teams, so keep an eye out to see if he's coming to a convention or parlor near you.

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