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In God We Trust: Religious Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

In God We Trust: Religious Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

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This gorgeous selection of awesome pieces shows the love and devotion behind religious tattoos.

Today, religious tattoos make up our awesome selection of Tattoo of the Day pieces. There are many religions that tattoos make homage to and although Christianity may make up our focus today, the amount of Buddhist, Hindu, Judaism, and, yes, even Satanism that are out there make this a great starting point. Religious tattoos are wonderful because although all of our beliefs and ideas may be different, these pieces show that our philosophies are something that we want to proudly wear.

There are many traditional motifs in Christian based religious tattoos. The Rock of Ages is an iconic design element, one that is usually done large enough to grace the back or chest. Clappers, or hands in prayer, are another...these are mostly decorated with delicate rosaries. Then there are always the astounding portraits we see of Jesus, Mary and others. In the hands of hyperrealist artists like Kyle Cotterman, these portraits are truly awe-inspiring. Many artists who do religious tattoos replicate fine art for their clients as well. These can be based off of incredible paintings like The Last Supper by da Vinci, or sculpture based like the famed Pieta by Michelangelo. No matter what, religious tattoos are deeply imbued with a sense of history, philosophy, exaltation, and devotion...they are full of meaning and strong feeling.

Here at Tattoodo we believe in freedom for all, which includes freedom of choice and speech. Freedom always comes with many responsibilities, however, including those of tolerance and compassion. So, although we don't always agree or like what people choose to do with their bodies or what they believe in, we can appreciate it as a form of expression which is basically what we were put on Earth to do. These religious tattoos are an illustration of the deep love and devotion that people feel towards their beliefs and deities, and any declaration of love is something we can totally stand behind.

We hope that this collection of religious tattoos is all that you hope for, but if it leaves you needing more (and, honestly, we hope that this is always the case) check out our site for an immense archive of the best images, artists, and shops!

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