In Love With The Art And Tattoos Of Kelly McGrath

In Love With The Art And Tattoos Of Kelly McGrath

Kelly McGrath creates sparkly, colourful artwork that is out of this world.

Kelly McGrath is a tattooer and artist based at Blood Moon Gallery, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

Kawaii characters, crystal balls, grim reapers, skulls, cakes, cats, jewels, stars... I just want Kelly McGrath to do all of my tattoos... forever.

The US-based artist makes glowing, vivid, vibrant art and tattoos.

Deep rich colours, kick-ass imagery and flawless artworks that she often auctions off for charity - if you haven't started drooling over Kelly's work yet, catch up!

You can buy original artworks and prints on Kelly's website.

All photos are from Kelly McGrath's Instagram.

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