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In Solidarity: Black and POC Tattoos

In Solidarity: Black and POC Tattoos

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This collection of black and POC tattoos only represents a teensy tiny fraction of the amazing clients and artists out there.

We've often been asked specifically for black and POC tattoos, and we hope this collection shows that tattooing should not be a white washed community. We are always hoping to progress, and we can only do that through education, open mindedness, and inclusion. We at Tattoodo understand that in society many people feel as though there is not enough visibility; they feel left out, or indeed, just straight up ignored, repressed or targets of unhealthy attention. It's not something we want to support, or be a part of. This collection of black and POC tattoos will be an ongoing effort to make sure that everyone is involved in this community in a multitude of ways.

Anything without diversity ceases to grow, to flourish, to be interesting. It is incredibly important that tattooing is an inclusive and supportive community, and why? Because most people would agree that they got into tattooing, or collecting tattoos, not only out of respect and admiration for the art form but also because they felt like outsiders in mainstream society. And then, once they found the tattoo community, they no longer felt so completely outside. Nothing is perfect, but surely this place, we with tattoos, should make everyone feel as though they are seen and respected. It's so incredibly fundamental to the happiness of any community.

We hope with this collection of black and POC tattoos that we can start supporting more artists and clients to post pictures, send us their tattoos, or their favorite POC tattooers, and more. We definitely try to be inclusive here at Tattoodo, as well as PC in a way that makes everyone happy...if you ever feel that there is something missing, or that something doesn't quite sit right with you, we hope you'll reach out. You already did, and we're working hard to make sure that we put it into action.

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