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In the Name of the Moon! Tattoos Celebrating Sailor Moon

In the Name of the Moon! Tattoos Celebrating Sailor Moon

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In this week’s installment of For Nerds by Nerds, we’re looking at Sailor Scouts, Moon Sticks, and Crisis Compacts to make your eyes sparkle

For Nerds by Nerds is our weekly column where we dive deep into one of our pop culture loves. Sometimes that means opening a can of Duff and peeping some Moe Szyslak tattoos, other times we fight to put down our controllers and celebrate Majora's Mask. This week we're looking at Usagi Tsukino, the adorable Luna, and the rest of the Sailor Scouts. 

A sparkly tattoo of the Moon Stick by Laura Anunnaki (IG—anunnakitattoo). #anime #cute #cartoons #glittery #LauraAnunnaki #MoonStick #sparkly

On March 7, 1992, the animated adaptation of Naoko Takeuchi’s magical girl manga Sailor Moon premiered on Japan’s TV Asahi. While the series didn’t air in the US until 1995, Sailor Moon was already well on its way to becoming a global phenomenon. Takeuchi didn't invent the mahou shoujo genre, but her beloved melodrama turned into a world-wide sensation following the anime's release. Since then, it has spread into other art forms; there’s even a musical based on it. With their trademark riffs on the seifuku — Japanese school uniforms for girls — the Sailor Scouts and their shiny accessories were destined to make their mark in body art as well.

To nerd out to more manga and anime inspired body art, scout out the Instagrams of the artists. If you, too, want a shimmering tattoo of your favorite Sailor, Usagi’s wand, or maybe even a portrait of Luna herself, make sure to commission one of them to create it. They might as well have made the cartoon. 

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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