Incredible and Intense Traditional Tattoos by Tom Lortie

Incredible and Intense Traditional Tattoos by Tom Lortie

Vicious yet elegant subject matter take tattoos to a whole new level. Feast your eyes on these awesome tattoos by Tom Lortie.

Placement and composition are two things that make or break a tattoo. A good image in the wrong spot could look disastrous, yet a simple image in the perfect place would look really elegant and timeless. 

Awesome looking half mandala on the scalp. Tattoo by Tom Lortie. #TomLortie #traditionaltattoo #coloredtattoo #mandala #scalp

Tom Lortie is an amazing and talented tattoo artist from Canada. His tattoo style is bold and vibrant traditional, yet he manages to keep his own flavor emanate from his work. Making good use of placement combined with interesting imagery make Tom Lortie's tattoo work much desired by collectors. The classic and timeless look of western traditional style tattoos through the hands of Tom Lortie is its own animal. 

Powerful and solid croc head tattoo done by Tom Lortie. #TomLortie #traditionaltattoo #coloredtattoo #crocodile #crochead

With stunning images such as panthers, classic skulls and blossoms, these awesome tattoo works by Tom Lortie continue to pull more collectors. Hope you guys enjoy these incredible and intense traditional tattoos by Tom Lortie!

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