Incredible Freehand Black and Grey Tattoos by Luke Palan

Incredible Freehand Black and Grey Tattoos by Luke Palan

Luke Palan is a freehand master, drawn straight onto the skin - his tattoos are insane!

Proving why you don't always need a stencil, Luke Palan kills it with his freehand black and grey style. 

Freehanding a tattoo is an incredible task, drawing straight onto the skin is no easy feat, yet tattoo artist Luke Palan does it on a daily basis, and his tattoos aren't exactly small!! Big black and grey designs are what Palan does the best and the fact he just draws them on makes the whole thing even better. Combining elements of classic fine line, black and grey and contemporary realism -Palan's style is something unique! 

A master of the freehand style, Palan is an artist at the top of his game and one most definitely worth your time.

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