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Incredibly Black Floral Work by Gena Puhnarevich

Incredibly Black Floral Work by Gena Puhnarevich

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Illustrative flora with a surrealist twist.

You can really never go wrong with a flora inspired tattoo. Timeless and classic, it’s one of those pieces that you’ll never tire of even twenty years down the line. In fact, it might be the only thing you have left to remind you that there was once a little thing called nature before the Trump administration subsequently eradicated it, but we digress. We will always and forever be floral tattoo fans, more specifically, we will always be fans of Gena Puhnarevich’s floral work. Dark and rich with elements of stippling, negative space, and a bit of surrealism thrown in, Puhnarevich’s work is hauntingly beautiful.

Working out of Good Sign Tattoo in Minsk, Belarus, Puhnarevich’s work is done exclusively in black ink and focuses on geometric and floral designs. Unlike most artists, who tend to stick to a specific style throughout, Puhnarevich tends to effortlessly flow from illustrative to surreal work depending on the client’s preference. Half of her floral work tends to be a bit more whimsical, taking on more of a silhouette appearance than a realistic flower, and harnessing the power of negative space, and dark work, resulting in an ethereal version of mother nature. 

So whether you’re a fan of illustrative or surreal work, we promise that you really can’t go wrong either way as long as Puhnarevich is your artist.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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