Incredibly Clean and Vibrant Traditional Tattoos by Filip Henningsson

Incredibly Clean and Vibrant Traditional Tattoos by Filip Henningsson

Filip Henningsson executes and delivers masterful clean traditional tattoos for his collectors.

Traditional tattoos are truly collector favorites. Making a huge comeback in today's tattoo scene, the timeless style has been attracting the younger generation of both artists and collectors. These new age traditional tattoos by Filip Henningsson are examples of how awesome new "old" tattoos are!

Mandala flower on hand. Clean and vibrant work by Filip Henningsson. #FilipHenningsson #RedDragonTattoo #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #mandala #flower

Filip Henningsson is a talented and solid tattoo artist who is based in Umea, Sweden. He works and tattoos at Red Dragon Tattoo. Aside from being an accomplished tattoo artist, he is also a solid and competitive body builder!

Behind the tough looking body builder look that Filip has, he is an extremely versatile and skilled tattooer who is well versed in the western traditional tattoo style. With a combination of his own style and classic tattoo elements, I would say that Filip Henningsson's style is its own animal. Whether the tattoos are drawn on or stenciled, or whether they are fillers or a whole new piece, he manages to knock every tattoo project out of the ball park.

Intense and solid butterfly on chest tattoo by Filip Henningsson. Beautiful collection too! #FilipHenningsson #RedDragonTattoo #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #bodysuit #butterfly

Making use of a classic recipe of bold black solid lines and vibrant colors, Filip Henningsson's tattoos look classy and timeless. Collectors always want that classy and solid look that this style has to offer, which makes Filip a very sought after tattoo artist!

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Bold and vibrant rooster sternum tattoo by Filip Henningsson. #FilipHenningsson #RedDragonTattoo #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #rooster #skull

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