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Incredibly Clean Japanese Tattoos by Horimatsu

Incredibly Clean Japanese Tattoos by Horimatsu

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Clean and beautifully executed authentic Japanese tattoos that'll make your jaws drop. Enjoy these magnificent tattoos by Horimatsu!

Through the decades, the Japanese style of tattooing has stood the test of time and has proven to be one of the most timeless styles out there. Dating back to the early days of tattooing centuries ago, the bold and stunning look of the Japanese tattoo style lives on to this day through incredible tattooers such as Horimatsu.

Beautiful Quan Yin back tattoo by Horimatsu. #Horimatsu #JapaneseStyle #JapaneseTattoo #horimono #quanyin #dragon

Horimatsu is a master tattooer who hails from Fukuoka, Japan. An incredible hardworking craftsman who has such dedication to the craft of tattooing, Horimatsu creates stunning and clean Japanese style tattoos that beautifully adorn the human body.

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Beautiful colored dragon half sleeve by Horimatsu. #Horimatsu #JapaneseStyle #JapaneseTattoo #horimono #dragon #ryu

Images from Instagram.

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