Incredibly Detailed Geometric Tattoos by Coen Mitchell

Incredibly Detailed Geometric Tattoos by Coen Mitchell

This tattooist creates some of the most highly detailed geometric tattoos in the world.

Coen Mitchell is an artist who does awesome geometric and detailed tattoos that are definitely off the hook!

Coen Mitchell is an amazing tattoo artist, currently traveling the USA and leaving his awesome mark. Mitchell's geometric tattoos are filled with heavy detail that look truly stunning on skin. Known for his solid execution and a distinct, original look, Mitchell is one of the most sought after tattooists in the world. 

Part of the allure of Mitchell's work is the way that he will combine other styles within his geometric work. It's a tough road to walk — if the pattern is off it ruins the realistic figure inside, and if his realism isn't up to snuff then no ornamental work is strong enough to save the tattoo. 

Few artists have such an inane knack for placement. Mitchell uses the body's lines and curves to his advantage, a choice that enhances the beauty of each individual tattoo. 

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All photos and geometric tattoos by Coen Mitchell. 

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