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Incredibly Realistic Fine Line Tattoos by Blackworker Luc Suter

Incredibly Realistic Fine Line Tattoos by Blackworker Luc Suter

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Luc Suter works out of LA tattoo shop Black Diamond Studio creating hyper-detailed blackwork pieces

Black and grey tattoos are still ever popular and with the standard of artists and the precision of the tools available out there, growing in both quality and availability, there really is no excuse not to go for an artist who doesn't give it their best. Especially if you are looking for a highly detailed piece.

Luc Suter working on a client at Black Diamond Tattoo in Los Angeles Photo from Black Diamond Tattoo webpage #LucSuter #BlackDiamondTattoo #LosAngeles #blackworker #fineline #realistic

Luc Suter is an incredibly talented tattoo artist who specializes in realistic and fine line tattoos. His attention to detail makes his pieces really pop and puts him up there among the top quality blackworkers out there today. His designs vary from hyper-real portraits to geometric designs and optical illusions, using fine line and dotwork styles. If fine artwork is what you are after then Luc Suter is your man!

If you want to check out more of Luc Suter's awesome work on Instagram. 

Sarah Calavera
Written bySarah Calavera

Skull obsessed tattoo fanatic, writer for Tattoodo, voice actor and visual artist who loves metal and headbanging. Inspired by Neil Gaiman, Tool, horror & the macabre.

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