Incredibly Small and Detailed Tattoos by Evan Kim

Incredibly Small and Detailed Tattoos by Evan Kim

Based out of West 4 Tattoo in NYC, Evan Kim creates some incredibly detailed micro tattoos.

We're fans of the manta tiny but mighty, as you may have guesses from our ongoing micro tattoos series. The rise of this particular style makes sense — dainty but fierce, small but powerful, the micro tattoo is trendy, yes, but when done right, it is really, really right. 

Enter New York-based tattoo artist Donghwan Kim, better known as Evan Kim, an artist with a penchant for the powerful but tiny tattoo. Kim's work utilizes the power of blackwork and black and grey to cement his tiny tattoos onto his clients' skin. We're often worried about the sticking power of the micro tattoo — will it hold up to the test of time? Kim's stylization ensures a resounding yes.

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