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Independent Creativity: Interview with Andrew Borisyuk

Independent Creativity: Interview with Andrew Borisyuk

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In this interview with tattoo artist Andrew Borisyuk he talks about why he decided to become a tattoo artist, and more.

The work of Andrew Borisyuk spans many different styles and techniques, but each of his pieces is beautifully crafted. Whether classical black and grey fine art reproductions, or vividly colorful portraits of animals and lovers, his portfolio is filled to the brim with imaginative use of almost every style out there.

How did you get into tattooing? Why did it feel like the right profession for you?

In my student years I met tattoo artists from one of the Kiev tattoo shops. I watched their work and it seemed to me as an interesting way to implement my creativity and become independent, financially and otherwise. I just do what I do, before being a tattoo artist I had another profession and no one knows what could be next.

Who are the artists, tattooers or not, that inspire your work?

A difficult question, there are a lot of good tattoo artists and I try to follow their work. But sometimes you can get inspired by the work of a beginner. It's hard to single out someone particularly.

You can do a lot of styles, from realism to graphic blackwork, but what are your favorite pieces to do? What kind of tattoos do you wish you did more of?

I try all different styles because I'm interested to learn something new. In the future I hope to combine all the best from different techniques and create something unique, but while searching, I keep on learning. For now I would like to do more small single-session palm-size works. but I'm a free spirit, in a month maybe I'll want to work on projects for sleeves and backs.

How do you spend your time when you aren’t working? Beyond tattooing, what are you passionate about?

I work a lot, but when I have free time I usually spend it with my family. I like travel and photography. Still, my main passion is oil painting, unfortunately there is very little time left for it.

What is the tattoo community like in Kyiv? What do you love about tattooing where you do?

The tattoo community of Kiev is on its first steps toward tattoo standards. There are a lot of interesting emerging artists and a lot of new tattoo shops. But there is also a lack of information, high-level conventions and communication within the community. I hope it will be different soon.

I like the most the coziness of my hometown, my regular clients who are open to experiments and I can realize my new ideas for them.

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Written byJustine Morrow

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