Ink, Blood and Spirit: The Art and Tattoos of Little Swastika

Ink, Blood and Spirit: The Art and Tattoos of Little Swastika

Watch the film that explores the life of one of the world's most interesting tattooists.

Little Swastika is a tattoo artist working and living completely outside of the tattoo industry as we know it.

In 2013, he moved to Psyland - his own self-created gallery, studio and living space deep in the countryside of Germany. In this place, he explores tattooing, body modification, art and other rituals to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of love, life and self expression.

The movie Ink, Blood and Spirit, is available to watch on Vimeo for a small fee - it gives a great introduction to the artist and his unique ways of working.

What is the meaning of the Swastika symbol? Why did he decide to cut off two of his fingers and tattoo his eyeballs as part of a body modification ritual? Watch the intriguing documentary on Vimeo to find out more, or read more about Little Swastika on his website. Both links are provided at the bottom of this post.

All photos are from 

Little Swastika's Facebook page 



To watch the video on Vimeo, click here.

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