Ink Space: Spreading Tattoo Culture Through Thoughtful Design

Ink Space: Spreading Tattoo Culture Through Thoughtful Design

Limited edition t-shirts from your favorite tattoo artists, right at your fingertips.

We’re living in a new and grand age for art — customized, original work is right at your fingertips, on a small computer you carry around with you all day. Even big brands are trying to seem more and more unique and chic, attempting to capitalize on the refreshed passion for authenticity, but we as consumers are becoming more and more aware of the how and the what behind our favorite pieces of apparel, bags, shoes, posters. Enter ink space, a Vancouver, BC-based apparel company looking to put original, limited edition tattoo designs right onto your shirt.

“One of the main points that we started off with was the partnerships with the tattoo artists,” ink space founders Justin and Jacqui explain. “For example, we saw online that some really cool tattoo apparel was out there but the artists weren’t really getting credited. We noticed folks in the comments online saying, ‘hey, can I at least be credited, can’t I get my name on the photo!’ And we thought that was just crazy. Our goal is to have the artist’s name and the art as the number one thing we promote.”

Rather than go the plop-it-right-into-the-middle route, the duo wanted each design to mimic an actual tattoo — the placement of the design on the shirt matches the artist’s preferred placement on the body. “When we started the idea, we loved tattoos and how they fit on the body,” says Justin. “So we really wanted to be the company that can emulate how tattoos fit successfully on the body and translate that into clothing.”

THEORY OF HARMONY design by Rene Botha, via Ink Space. #fashion #renebotha #inkspace

Their sleeve series is currently up on the ink space website, featuring Vancouver artists David Tombu, Nestor Acevedo, and Rene Botha, but there are plans to expand beyond sleeve placement and beyond Vancouver. The ink space team has big dreams — they want tattoo aficionados from all over the world to be able get art from artists they might not be able to visit themselves. London, New York, Sao Paulo — soon someone from Cleveland could have a limited edition shirt from their favorite artist in Berlin.

Any artist will tell you — running your own business is difficult. There are a lot of odds and ends to keep track of, so anything that can help alleviate the daily stressors and help an artist’s creativity flow is a godsend. ink space’s mission of working directly with artists, creating a unique object that matches that artist’s look and personal brand, and giving back to that artist is a perfect marriage. Now a tattooist can have a limited edition apparel run, equipped even with individual cards of authenticity, and not have to sweat the small stuff.  “These guys are so good at art, let’s help them do what they do best,” Justin says. “And we can do the things we’re good at.”

THEORY OF HARMONY design by Rene Botha, via Ink Space. #fashion #renebotha #inkspace

Swing by ink space to check out their latest collections, and with the code TATTOODO, get yourself some free shipping on your order.

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