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INK: The Art of Tattoo, a Newly Released Beautiful Book about Body Art

INK: The Art of Tattoo, a Newly Released Beautiful Book about Body Art

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This freshly published book is chalk-full of incredible flash art and interviews with tattooists.

Victionary, an art and design publishing house, recently released a gorgeous new hardcover title called INK: The Art of Tattoo, which uses a combination of flash designs, interviews, and images of tattooists and their clients to tell the story of various stylistic evolutions throughout the history of body art. Not only is the book a great source of information about multiple traditions of tattooing, but it is also a great source of inspiration for anyone who is thinking about getting tattoos but doesn't know much about the art form. 

The book is 288 pages of enlightening information and interviews as well as striking photos of members of the tattoo community and various flash art. These components come together in a impressive way to paint a picture of how different tattoo styles have changed throughout time. Nearly every genre of tattoos is represented within the covers of INK: The Art of Tattoos, making it quite the comprehensive collection. The best part about it, however, is the mode through which it educates its readers. Instead of being bombarded by a text-heavy account of tattoo history, you get to see how the art form has grown over the centuries through images of the tattoos themselves, and the many examples throughout the book simply make this complicated subject easier to conceptualize and understand. 

INK: The Art of Tattoo is priced at $35.95, which is a bit of a bargain given the high costs of making quality, image-heavily publications. It also comes in three different cover options, each of which is mind-blowingly unique and handsome. The cover images are all embossed in gold on a black exterior, and you get to pick between a zombified police officer, gothic skull, or a cigarette-smoking skeleton in a top hat. Regardless of what fine image you go with, they all would look great on your bookshelf or coffee table.

Some of the awesome flash art designs from INK: The Art of Tattoo. #flashdesigns #INKTheArtofTattoo #interviews #tattoohistory #Victionary

Should you desire a copy of this beautiful and informative publication for yourself, here's a link to where you can purchase INK: The Art of Tattoo. It would be a great gift for any tattoo enthusiast this holiday season.

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