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Insanely Kawaii Tattoos to Make You Squeal

Insanely Kawaii Tattoos to Make You Squeal

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These Kawaii Tattoos are guaranteed to make literally anyone squeal like a tiny toddler looking at newborn puppies.

You could be the beefiest, biggest, baddest and manliest dude on the planet, but at least one of these Kawaii Tattoos will make you squeal with delight just like a little kid. But don't worry; they're specifically designed to do just that...and of course, if you aren't aware of the history of "kawaii" you should know that this ultra cute creation originates in Japan. Considering Hello Kitty is another genius product of that country, it sort of makes sense, right? And we've brought these kawaii tattoos to show you the embodiment of the sticky sweet goodness that is KAWAIIIIII!!!!

Of course, these kawaii tattoos actually do have a lot of anime and manga themes runnin' through them. We've got your Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli, Clamp character Cardcaptor Sakura, and even an insanely adorable reproduction of Adventure Time's dearest Princess Bubblegum in human form. Giant sparkly eyes, candy confection colors, and a sprinkling of tiny hearts and stars...these are some of the signs of absolute heart-stopping cuteness. So it makes sense that the meaning behind the word "kawaii" actually means something similar...Get this..."The kanji....literally translates to "able to be loved, can/may love, lovable." Pretty cool, right?

And although these kawaii tattoos are definitely totes lovable, the word kawaii is an adjective to include everything from clothing and accessories to household goods like soy sauce and toilet paper. Hello Kitty's fuzzy lil face has been put on everything from ramen noodles, to subway trains...yes, and even planes. The marketing genius behind kawaii is that there are so many styles of it, and so many characters that people naturally resonate with and totally fall in love with! Like Sailor Moon, or Spirited Away, or Gudetama!!! If you aren't already completely crazy about these kawaii tattoos, we hope we have introduced a new obsession for you...cuz really, they're so sparkly and glittery, how can you resist?!

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