Insanely Surreal Tattoos by Craig Cardwell

Insanely Surreal Tattoos by Craig Cardwell

Stunning surreal and realistic tattoos done with clean and solid execution. Indulge your eyes on these tattoos by Craig Cardwell.

If you like surreal and realistic tattoos then you gotta love Craig Cardwell's tattoo work. A combination of smooth execution and vibrant coloration, these tattoos never fail to satisfy the collector's expectations for awesome tattooing.

Craig Cardwell is an amazing tattooer who resides in Blackpool, UK. His tattoo works are realistic and surreal images that are super clean and vibrant.

Craig Cardwell is an artist who is well versed in the smooth and fine line approach to tattooing. Utilizing his skills to create such interesting works, the tattoos always look vibrant and flawlessly done. The surreal aspect of his tattooing is reflected in his manner of composition. Making use of vibrant colors and deep dark shades to make the lighter tones pop, Craig Cardwell's work truly entices the viewer with its super vibrant look.

With a penchant for pop culture and creative compositions, Craig Cardwell creates tattoos that are outside the norm of traditional tattooing. The way he combines unlikely subjects with tattoo elements is a special skill that is key to his successful approach to his own style.

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