Inspiring Badass Tattooed Grandmas

Inspiring Badass Tattooed Grandmas

Beautiful portraits of tattooed elderly women rocking their tattoos!

These awesome women are aging gracefully, beautifully, confident and free! We're giving a salute to all the tattooed superwomen of the world. May these 10 inspiring and badass tattooed grandmas remind us all that true beauty is within and age only makes this better when you stay true to yourself.

Next time some bozo asks you how your tattoos are going to look when you're older break out this article. One look at these amazing tattooed seniors will shut them right up. 

Apo Whang Od

96-year-old Apo Whang Od from the Philippines continues hand-tap tattooing- a sacred manual tattooing tradition passed down by ancestors, up to present. Talk about dedication!

Berber Woman

Facial tattooing among Berber women is part of tradition and is believed to symbolize and exude beauty. I definitely believe this Berber woman is beautiful.

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Adule Imam Sheik Muhamad with grandchildren photographed by Jodi Hilton #AduleImamSheikMuhamad #JodiHiltonPhotography #Badass #Tattooed #Elders #Grandma #ElderlyWomen #Woman #tattooedgrandma

Adule Imam Sheik Muhamad

Adule Imam Sheik Muhamad, 61, one of the last tattooed women of Kobane. Photographer Jodi Hilton has beautifully captured her posing with her adorable grandchildren.

Zubeyda Ali

Badass Grandma Zubeyda Ali, 61, has 25 proud grandchildren. She definitely makes them proud to have an awesome grandma who got her first tattoo at the age of 13! 

Beautiful Portrait Photograph of Amanda Brignall by Paul Barker of Barcroft Media #PaulBarker #BarcroftMedia #PaulBarkerPhotography #AmandaBrignall #Badass #Tattooed #Elder #Grandma #tattooedgrandma

Amanda Brignall

Amanda Brignall, 53, has 80% of her body covered in tattoos... and she is still counting! 

Isobel Varley

The late Isobel Varley, will remain forever in our hearts for being one of the toughest women to get covered up in tattoos while not giving a fuck! She was a Guinness Book of World Records holder as the world's most tattooed female pensioner, having 93% of her body covered with tattoos.

Helen Lambin

83-year-old Helen Lambin chooses happiness and ages with attitude with more than 50 tattoos on her body! She started collecting the tattoos in her 70s and is a living example that you're never too old. It's never too late to be getting tattoos!

Heather Brooks

Heather Brooks surprised her family with her first ever tattoo on her 90th birthday, a gift to herself for surviving cancer. 

It wasn't possible to find the name of this tattooed grandma - but looking that badass she deserves a spot in this feature! I love how she is looking so young in spirit! Check out her piercings and tunnels, too!

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