Inspiring Linocut Landscape Tattoos by Eugene Nedelko

Inspiring Linocut Landscape Tattoos by Eugene Nedelko

Landscape tattoos get a bold re-imagining with Eugene Nedelko.

Innovation is a necessity in creating your own style- and Nedelko clearly knows it! 

Polish tattoo artist and illustrator Eugene Nedelko has a unique approach to tattooing that draws heavily on a linocut inspired style. Now for those that don't know linocut is a printmaking technique and a variation of a woodcut that creates a very distinct print, and one that has a huge influence on Nedelko's work. You only have to sit a Nedelko tattoo next to a linocut print to see the shared qualities. 

Using a solid black shading, and more recently color, Nedelko's linocut landscapes are something any tattoo lover should see. The unique look and shapes of the tattoo set it apart from other landscape designs- just take a look at the tattoos below and see for yourself. 

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