Inspiring Portrait Tattoos by Crispy Lennox

Inspiring Portrait Tattoos by Crispy Lennox

You've seen portrait tattoos before, but now it's time for the awesome work of Crispy Lennox.

Bold brushstrokes designs create some cool portrait tattoos! 

Co Owner of Black Mark, Melbourne, tattoo artist Crispy Lennox is one talented guy. You may remember a previous post about Lennox's Animal Tattoos, but it's now time to look at the wider work of Lennox and these awesome portrait tattoos. Using a number of different styles and techniques, two of the main ones being brushstrokes and black and grey, Lennox creates some inspiring portrait tattoos. 

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Inspired by famous musicians, movie characters and even works of art, the portraits of Lennox are a special art form we're sure you're going to love. 

All images from Lennox's Instagram.

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