Inspiring Renegade: GoFundMe Fundraiser for TJ

Inspiring Renegade: GoFundMe Fundraiser for TJ

Two days ago TJ, a well-known tattoo model and awesome human, was in a motorcycle accident. Read this article to see how you can help!

With agencies in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Miami, TJ is a non-binary tattoo model who is a positive and supportive force within the tattoo and queer community. 

Two days ago a heart breaking photo of TJ on a gurney was posted by their partner, Macy Sorrelle, saying, "This morning my lover TJ was involved in a severe motorcycle crash. TJ’s left leg, that has been previously broken, is broken again. TJ’s knee is crushed, they have fractures in their bones, and they were bleeding from their arteries. Because their leg has been previously broken and now has hardware in it, they are at risk of amputation. I’m here to raise money for TJ’s hospital bills due to the fact that TJ does not have health insurance. The bill is over 100k and rising. They have gotten their leg set several times and will go into an extensive surgery in the next 24 hours. Please help in any way you can and spread the word. Thank you!" 

Macy very quickly put together a GoFundMe in hopes of fundraising to cover the immense costs of multiple surgeries.

TJ has been a huge influence to me and many others who follow their journey of embracing their true identity and self love.

Looking through the comments of the GoFundMe is especially heartwarming; each and every person giving what they can and leaving a few words of hope. Kerry Matthew's said, "I have been following both Macy and TJ on Instagram for only less than a year. But the volume of positivity, pride and love they project not just for the LGBTQ+ community, but to everyone who follows them, is inspiring. I hope you reach the final goal, but most importantly I hope the recovery is peaceful and quick." Vanessa Divittorrio reflected those sentiments saying, "TJ has been a huge influence to me and many others who follow their journey of embracing their true identity and self love. I wish you the absolute best outcome in your surgeries. You are such an inspiration TJ. I’m so sorry this happened to you."

Tattoodo was honored to recently work with TJ for the Ink the Original set of collaboration mini films. We were also super fortunate to get a chance to create one of our Inkounters with them, and the response has still been overwhelming...TJ is not only a talented personality with looks and smarts to spare, but they are also someone that people really resonate with. It's partly that they are so obviously wonderfully positive and encouraging of others. It's human heroes like TJ who help others to embrace compassion, self love and expression. They represent an empowered strength that so many, including myself, have found to be highly inspirational.

We come together for many occasions, big and small, sad and happy. But one thing you can count on is that the good people of the tattoo community, the queer collective, art lovers and fans of fashion, motorcycle riders and skateboarders, as well as everyone in between, will always come together to support in times like these with all the love and devotion they have. We hope that you can give as much or as little as you can because every single bit helps! And even if you can't spare the cash...put some healing energy and positive thoughts out into the universe! 

Please check out the GoFundMe for TJ, and keep a look out on their socials for updates. From us here at Tattoodo, our thoughts are with you, and we have hopes for a speedy recovery. 

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