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Intense Large-Scale Masterpieces by Jondix

Intense Large-Scale Masterpieces by Jondix

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Hindu, Thai, and Tibetan designs in staggering, mind-blowing proportions.

Aside from creating doom metal and other darkly inspiring art, Jondix makes some of the best large-scale black and grey tattoos that take after East Asian subject matter. His work is infinitely complex, spiritually charged, and tremendously intense. He specializes in rendering imagery from Thailand and Tibet, especially art that's rooted in Hinduism. Though he remains faithful to the original designs and implications of these religious figures, he expounds on them in visually gripping ways, imbuing each one his own radical artistic sensibilities.

Jondix has a penchant for creating extremely elaborate designs, especially sacred geometry, and executing them flawlessly. Prior to becoming a tattooist, he studied architectural design for nearly a decade, which gave him the skill set as well as confidence to approach making such intricate and complicated illustrations. On top of that, he also spent a significant amount of time traveling to various countries to come more in touch with the artistic traditions that provide him with inspiration. One can plainly see his commitment to understanding and honoring his forbearers.

Jondix creates a wide range of iconography handed down from various East Asian cultures. Here there are examples of his work that draws influence from Hinduism, such as a back piece of Kali adorned with skulls and severed heads. There are several of his signature large-scale Tibetan skulls as well. He has pushed his skeletal imagery farther in terms of design than any other tattooist out there. The way that he embellishes them so heavily with sacred geometry and other divine symbols is simply amazing. 

One of Jondix's signature Tibetan skulls (IG—jondix). #blackandgrey #Jondix #largescale #sacredgeometry #skull #Tibetan

If you want to tremble before more of Jondix's insanely good large-scale tattoos, make your way to his Instagram. He owns and tattoos at Seven Doors Tattoo in London, England, and can be reached at for inquiries if you are interested in getting a massive blackwork masterpiece by him as well. 

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Written byRoss Howerton

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