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Intensely Fine Dotwork Tattoos by Kim HeyMin

Intensely Fine Dotwork Tattoos by Kim HeyMin

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South Korean tattooer Kim HeyMin works on her sacred geometric and intense blackwork tattoos dot by painful dot.

Tattooer Kim HeyMin takes the fine details which tattoos in Korea are known for, and brings them to new levels with her stunning dotwork tattoos.

HeyMin tattoos mostly geometric and sacred geometric designs, obsessing over details and the amount of pointillism an area can hold without messing up its grey tones. Most of her works are incredibly crafted; a kind of dotwork you'll only begin to realize. It takes a lot of patience to design a piece dot by dot so you gotta give HeyMin a lot of props for her craft.

While both geometry and sacred geometry plays a big part in her fine designs, I'm wildly drawn to her renditions of Junji Ito's original art works and a couple of haunting portraits from her original designs. They definitely give us a peak of what HeyMin could be capable for in other themes of tattoos apart from what she's used to.

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Matching dragon wrist tattoos by Kim HeyMin. #KimHeyMin #dotwork #fine #pointillism #dragon #matchingtattoos

Photos of Kim HeyMin's carefully crafted dotwork tattoos from Instagram.

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