Interview With Graphic Tattoo Artist Emilie B.

Interview With Graphic Tattoo Artist Emilie B.

A cool mix of watercolor and linework

Emilie B. is a half of creative duo behind the Imaginarium, a graphic tattoo studio.

At 25 years old, Emilie B. is one of the rising names in graphic tattoo style. 

"I had the chance to meet and work with many tattoo artists, in many studios. It helped me comprehending tattoo and to understand in which way I could function with it."

A year ago, she settled in Hyères, France, with her parter in life and work, Guillaume Smash ( See The Graphic Art Of Guillaume Smash). 

"With L'Imaginarium, we really unleash our artistic experiments. We also travel a lot to discuss with other members of the tattoo community and enlarge our horizon."

Emilie B.'s graphic art is a creative and subtle mix of different artistic elements. 

"First, I was attracted by engraving and ornamental style tattoos. Then, I discovered watercolor, which was more 'impulsive' and working well with the 'technical' aspect of engraving. I liked this freedom." 

It led her to her current style, a contrast between cold wired structures, geometry, pixels and emotional colors, sketch style and watercolor. 

"Recently, I've introduced 3D in my work. I think the universe of animation has a lot to offer to tattooing. And it pleases my geek soul too!"

Emilie likes to think on a grand scale and stretch her limits. That's the reason why she follows the work of artists from different styles, to study their innovations. 

"I am impressed when a tattoo artist succeeds in pushing the limits and breaking the codes, even if sometimes his aesthetics are not really my cup of tea. That's why I admire the work of Timur Lysenko, Thieves of Tower, Expanded Eye and Olivier Poinsignon."

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For the French tattoo artist, graphic style truly strengthens that moment of sharing that is tattooing. 

"I never work with references. By talking with the future tattooed person, I try to understand her or his expectations, tastes, and I prepare several tracks of reflections. I select the wisest as we go along the tattoo session. My clients really need to let go and trust me, because even I, have no idea of what the finished tattoo will look like! Graphic tattoo is more instinctive and teases creativity more than classic tattoo. The client sees his tattoo project evolving during the session, merging his identity and experience with the artist's ones."

Emilie B. and Guillaume Smash will travel a lot in Europe, so if you want to meet them, you could have the opportunities in Lille, at Grimm's Tattoo, in Strasbourg at Contraseptik, in Rome at Marco Manzo's Tribal Tattoo Studio, and in Czech Republic at Ondrash Tattoo. They will also attend the tattoo conventions of Cracow, Brussels and perhaps London.

For more dates and cool tattoos by Emilie B. check her Instagram.

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