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Interview with Tattooist Peter Laeviv: I am the Water You are the Seed

Interview with Tattooist Peter Laeviv: I am the Water You are the Seed

Tattoo Artists7 min Read

In this interview with London tattoo artist Peter Laeviv he talks about his inspirations, his custom creations, and his artistic philosophy.

Like the sketches of Michelangelo or Da Vinci, merged with the surrealism of Magritte and the star smattered cosmology of Stephen Hawking, Peter Laeviv’s tattoos are intricate drawings on skin. Sometimes he blurs the lines of realism and abstraction. He also uses X-ray-like effects, an MC Esherian replication technique that boggles the mind, and he also likes to employ sacred geometry...Peter Laeviv imbues his artwork with the details and concentration of a master, especially because each of these pieces is custom. No two are alike...and every inked line on his clients skin is a poignant aspect of a bigger picture. 

Peter Laeviv #PeterLaeviv

How did you get into tattooing and was it something you were always drawn to?

Who are your personal tattoo heroes? Any visuals or art movements you feel particularly drawn to, and why?

Can you talk about what it’s like being a tattoo artist in London? Why do you think London is such a great place for artists to be?

Many tattoo artists these days seem to have a working philosophy behind their work. What would you say is yours? What makes a good tattoo/tattoo studio? What does success mean to you?

What are you favorite places to visit? What do you wish you had more time for? What do you do on your days off?

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

Social Producer, Journalist, Editor, and Curator for Tattoodo I am here to support you 🌻 IG: @lathe.of.heaven

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