Intricate Geometric Pattern Tattoos by Stefan Halbwachs

Intricate Geometric Pattern Tattoos by Stefan Halbwachs

Stefan Halbwachs creates crazy patterns and designs that'll blow your mind!

The geometric designs of Halbwachs are all about intricate style and composition. 

Vienna based tattoo artist Stefan Halbwachs doesn't hold back with his geometric tattoos. Packed with amazing detail and patterns Halbwachs work is some of the best pattern-work you'll see. Designs, both big and small, are created by Halbwachs and a number of them are done freehand- no stencil, he just draws the design straight onto the skin!! 

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A geometric artist admired by many of the leading pattern-workers in the world, Halbwachs is certainly worth your time.

All photos from Stefan's Instagram

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