Irezumi Sleeves by Artemy Neumoin

Irezumi Sleeves by Artemy Neumoin

This artists takes traditional Japanese tattooing and infuses it with his own vibrant aesthetic.

Artemy Neumoin creates superb body art in the traditional Japanese style. Though he typically works in the conventional motifs handed down through Irezumi over the ages, he stylizes them in his own particular way. His work is more vibrantly colored than that of many other contemporary practitioners of this genre of tattoos, and it results in imagery that sticks out from the crowd. 

The most remarkable aspect of Neumoin's work is undoubtably the vibrant color palettes of his classic Japanese icons. Often these mythological creatures and other figures overlap in dynamic ways to create stunning moments of contrast as warm colors are thrown against cooler ones. He also employs a number of different styles of black backgrounds. Sometimes they're a mixture of lighter and darker bands of shading separated by negative space, while at other times, he completely blacks out the backdrop . Regardless of the stylistic variation with which he renders these large-scale depictions of beasts, yurei, and other iconography, they all have an incredible amount of energy to them. The way they swirl or wind up and down his clients' appendages in such vivid ways is simply breathtaking.

Neumoin illustrates practically every traditional motif from Japanese tattooing, but he has penchant for dragons and koi fish. Outside of these two hugely popular figures from the genre, he sometimes creates tattoos of other common Irezumi figures, such as geishas, hannya masks, snakes, and more. He has a knack for surrounding such central figures with gorgeous flora, especially peonies and chrysanthemums. His work is really captivating when it features iconography that's not germane to the traditional Irezumi style, for instance, his sleeve with a pike demonstrates just how fantastic his work looks when used to render less conventional imagery. 

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If you want to see more of the excellent body art that Neumoin makes, visit his Instagram. Should you want some his spectacular Japanese style work of you own, he works at Blackout Tattoo Collective in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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