Iris Lys Makes All The Kitty Tattoos For Your Inner Cat Lady

Iris Lys Makes All The Kitty Tattoos For Your Inner Cat Lady

There are a lot of things you don't talk about- Religion, Politics, Money... But what's the one thing that we can ALL agree on? Cats.

That's right, cats: The ultimate unifier. Who can honestly say that they're able to look into the eyes of an adorable little kitten and not melt inside, even just a little? Nobody. That's who.  

Luckily, there are artists like Iris Lys who have absolutely mastered the art of portraying the perfection that is cats in tattoo-form, so our love can be immortalized in the cutest, quirkiest way ever. The self-proclaimed "Cattooer" almost exclusively tattoos our furry little feline friends; and while after some intense digging you might be able to find a lady head or a rose thrown in here and there- you'd be hard-pressed to find a design by Lys that doesn't have a little purr to it. 

From cat-clad undies to feline sushi to space kitties, Lys has covered all the bases and is showing no signs of haulting her clever cattoos- So without further adieu, indulge your inner crazy cat lady with some of my absolute favorites by the kitty enthusiast. 

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