Iris Lys Reminds Us Why We Love to Hate Our Feline Friends

Iris Lys Reminds Us Why We Love to Hate Our Feline Friends

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by your cat.

Cats are bonafide pieces of shit. There, we said it. It makes no sense why we continue to honor them with pieces , and on occasion, even whole sleeves of our body, and yet, artists like Iris Lys continue to make some of the most phenomenal cat portraits out there. Now, we’re not saying they’re not cute, quite the contrary actually — they’re cute as hell — which as we all know is nature’s way of saying, “Beware! Do not trust this weird fluffy creature. They will poop on everything you love, scratch your couch to bits, and generally ruin your life.” 

They are psychopaths, I would know, as I currently have one hiding in my apartment somewhere, presumably sniffing a toilet and knocking the garbage over in my absence. Adopting a cat is simultaneously the best and worst thing that could ever happen to you, and we’re pretty positive self-proclaimed "Cattooer" Iris Lys is trying to warn people of this through her incredible cat tattoos.

Using traditional techniques, Lys creates hilarious portraits of feline friends by ensuring that both sides of our evil yet sweet house guests are on full display. Just like their real life counterparts, Lys’ cats can be seen in both mischievous as well as incredibly endearing acts. In one piece a black cat can be seen spray painting a wall while donning an evil, telling smirk, while another shows a tabby gently holding hands, or paws in this case, with their owner. With a full understanding of the duplicitous nature of our weird non-dogs, Lys’ cats are a beautiful testament to why we love and hate them so.

Technically perfect and visually stunning with slightly more muted color palettes than are usually seen in the style, it’s like Lys is some sort of cat whisperer. Watch out, Jackson Galaxy, you’ve got some pretty steep competition.

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