Irresistible Geometric & Dotwork Tattoos by Deryn Stephenson

Irresistible Geometric & Dotwork Tattoos by Deryn Stephenson

Killer dots and funky shapes - meet the work of Deryn Stephenson!

Deryn Stephenson is an amazing artist with an equally amazing style.

Working and tattooing from Tenacious Tattoo, Sheffield, artist Deryn Stephenson aka DerynTwelve, produces some incredible geometric and dotwork tattoos. With a flawless contemporary style Stephenson's work will leave you in awe, and most probably in desperate need of your very own dotwork masterpiece. 

Creating amazing designs in both color and blackwork Stephenson has dotwork geometry down and has made the style her own. Perfect for any dotwork fan and a source of endless inspiration Stephenson's tattoos are simply wonderful so be sure to check out more of her work on Instagram. 

In the mean time just keep scrolling and get ready to be impressed! 

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