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Irresistible Watercolor Tattoos by Adrian Bascur

Irresistible Watercolor Tattoos by Adrian Bascur

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Watercolor Tattoos by Adrian Bascur that swim among the stars.

Adrian Bascur creates whimsical watercolor tattoos that are teaming with mirth. His designs all have a euphoric quality to them, almost as if they were colored by happiness itself. Some of his compositions look like they were dipped in a rainbow while others have a nebulous cosmic look to them. Though he uses the style to achieve a variety of different effects, all of his pieces are imbued with the feeling of magic.

Bascur's take on watercolor is on the more vibrant spectrum of the style. He usually only employs fine lines to give his figures shape and lets chroma do the rest. The way he blends his colors together creates a thrilling sense of positive energy in each of his tattoos. They're a joy to behold.

Some of his most compelling work captures the appearance of celestial bodies. He takes adorable creatures, ornate objects, sublime landscapes, and all sorts of other imagery and pours the sparkly likeness of deep space into their forms. Nothing will bring a smile to your face faster than seeing a piece like his interstellar pug in an astronaut's helmet.

To see more splendid watercolor tattoos, make sure to visit Bascur's Instagram. If you desire a vibrant tattoo that looks like space dust is whirling around inside of them, have him design it for you. He can be contacted at for booking.

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